I’ve had the MCUK since the end of 2013 (it’s now the beginning of 2017) and I couldn’t be more in love!! I haven’t had any children and I’m 24 years old. Ever since making the big switch, I could never imagine going back. I’ve been using the same one all this time and it still holds up like new (I disinfect it in a bleach/water solution after every period). It took me roughly 2 periods to become completely comfortable with it but ever since then, it’s the only thing I use. I do use a pantyliner on my heavy days for extra security though. I love being able to actually see how much flow I have each day as opposed to having it spread out on a pad or tampon because it seems like more than it is in that form. Also, my favorite part is not having to wear underwear at all to sleep even during my period! I’ll probably be replacing my cup soon….okay maybe not soon, but when I do I’ll definitely be getting another MCUK!

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