Maria Pali: Marathon Running with your Period

I first came across the idea of environmentally friendly sanitary care back in the 1990’s via the Women’s Environmental Network. They had a nifty sewing pattern to make simple sanitary pads using a plate as template. The idea stuck in my head but it was when I was on a six month trip to India and ended up spending great chunks of it wild camping in the tribal heartlands of Orissa and Madyhur Pradesh


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Mooncup Ltd launches Period Drama Campaign

We’re thrilled to present ‘Period Drama: our latest tongue-in-cheek campaign.  With a touch of humour, the film shines a light on the drama of disposable sanitary products, inviting us to leave the past behind and choose another way.

Why a  ‘Period Drama’?

For some time, ‘period drama’ has been a play on words that’s been teasing us at Mooncup HQ:  a  simple pun just asking to be made. We couldn’t help but notice the surge in the genre’s popularity on our screens over the past few years either. With the challenges of today’s world, maybe our urge for a ‘time machine’ isn’t that surprising!

Add this to recent news that tampons are losing their stronghold on our purse-strings and we felt the time was ripe to try and shake up the monopoly that little bit more.

So, a mischievous notion was born.   As those earlier MCUK® (Mooncup® UK) adopters will already be aware, we’ve been chipping away at the shame associated with periods since our original medical grade silicone menstrual cup was created in 2002.  Still most of us reach out on ‘autopilot’ for disposables every month, without knowing there’s a better option.  Meanwhile, the conversation around periods at large has thankfully been changing- gaining new ground from the Tampon Tax debate to Olympic medalist Fu Yuanhui commenting on her period’s impact on her performance. We believe that Mooncup Ltd has played its part too: from the very liberation that the product offers to the mischief of ourLove your vagina campaign in 2010 to the Tampon vs Mooncup rap battle in 2013.

But as the conversation has changed, big business seems to have heard and flexed its high budget communications accordingly.  So, in an advertising landscape in which causes like ‘body confidence’ are now being used to sell shower creams, and chemical-laden disposable sanitary products are marketed through feminism-lite, we thought this time we’d try a different tack – a more ‘throwaway’ laugh to call attention to a seriously liberating possibility.

Own Your Period

The campaign and invitation to ’Own your period’ celebrates independence and self-sufficiency.  As one MCUK menstrual cup  lasts for years, those who choose MCUK  are freed from monthly trips to the feminine hygiene aisle and their long-term relationship with the san pro multinationals.   There’s no more clogging up landfills and polluting beaches, not to mention imbalancing our natural moisture and leaving toxins behind. A happier ending (every month)- a period without the drama.*

 We hope you enjoy the film!

Find out more about the campaign & why it’s time to turnaway from throwaways

P.S –  We thought it may be prudent to add one serious disclaimer to our more throwaway #PeriodDrama quip to hopefully avoid any misunderstanding. The drama of periods mentioned is intended to refer to the ‘drama’ of throwaway sanitary products only- for our environment  and health. It is no way intended for use in belittling the very real and at times ‘dramatic’ experiences and symptoms that some of us experience in relation to our periods.

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Mooncup launches Period Drama

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