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I’m on my third cycle using the mooncup and I am delighted with it. Feel all round more comfortable and in control with none of that fumbling in the bottom of bags for tampons and trying to hide them about my person on a trip to the loo. As others have said, I feel cleaner and there is none of the previous wastage. A product I will use for years to come. Thank you Mooncup!!

Jo – 18 July 2015

Using my moon cup for the first time today and I love it! Absolutely no leaking whatsoever and I feel so comfortable compared to using a pad. Totally converted!!

Emma – 17 July 2015

After reading a very scary article a girl who lost her leg to Toxic Shock Syndrome and already being the sufferer of continual urinary tract infections from a wide variety of weird and wonderful strains of bacteria, I decided I needed to stop using tampons and try the mooncup. I’ve seen it advertised a lot at festivals in the loos (for obvious reasons considering their issues with dealing with waste there!), but I had lots of stupid misconceptions. I think one things girls and young women automatically assume is that pre-childbirth, immature vaginas are just too small and that a menstrual cup will be HUGE and that if you struggle with super tampons it’s just a no-go. So untrue. Having taken a while to come round to bigger tampons myself and still found them a bit uncomfortable sometimes, I couldn’t believe how comfortable the Mooncup was on first use. I had to practice putting it in a couple of times and trimming the stem but after that it was fine! Having used it for a couple of days now, I’ve had no leaks, been super comfortable and just forgotten it’s even there. I really like the fact I can see how much I’m bleeding, as I’ve been checked out for endometriosis before, so I like to keep an eye on it. LOVE the fact it’s so eco-friendly, and that I’ll be saving so much money (especially when everyone’s been so enraged about the tax on tampons recently). Also that when I go away I won’t have to think about packing loads of tampons and pads, just one little Mooncup. I really think you guys need to start promoting through schools and universities (students = small budgets!) because I feel like if they had been explained to me sooner and my misconceptions had been proved wrong, I would have converted long ago! I’m now raving to all my friends about it, so hopefully they’ll be more young converts soon.

Lauren – 13 July 2015

Saw adverts for the mooncup posted all over Glastonbury festival and as I am going travelling around Asia next year decided I may as well give it a try. I think its fantastic! its environmentally friendly and is so much cheaper. this first attempt was a little awkward but this was expected 🙂 I would honestly recommend it to everyone.

Rachel – 13 July 2015

Having been plagued by heavy periods for a number of years, I was having to wear super plus tampons and pads together to stem the flow, my last period got heavier and I was having to change tampons every half an hour. I looked on the internet to see if there were any extra absorbent tampons, the next ones up were ultra. I then looked on stockists in my area and came across the mooncup, I remember seeing it in boots about two months ago and didn’t really think it would work for me. I read the reviews and went and bought one the next day, as I could not go on the way I was. These things really should be advertised and possibly leaflets put in hospitals and GP surgeries, I was offered a procedure called an ablation to help with heavy periods, no need with the mooncup, yes it’s a little fiddly and a bit messy, but that’s nothing to some messes I found myself in and having to throw my pants away! Thank you, thank you mooncup.

Sharon – 13 July 2015

I bought a mooncup online after it came up in conversation with a very environmentally-aware friend of mine.
First day of my period today and home all day too so I was excited to try it out. Having read mixed reviews I wasn’t sure how it would go but I have found it really straightforward. As simple as following the instructions. I’m quite aware of my body and its functions so this prob helps but I was surprised that it went in first time. I felt a slight discomfort for about five minutes but forgot all about it after that. I’ve changed it a couple of times today without any problem and no further discomfort.

It makes me feel as though I am being much kinder to my body (and our planet) than when I use tampons.

I am so so so enthusiastic about this product and so grateful for my friend’s recommendation, after just one day I can honestly say I can’t imagine going back to tampons.

Thank you!

Kate – 10 July 2015

Mooncups are so simple, effective and clean they make tampons and pads seem a bit antiquated by comparison! No more leaks, no more worrying about funny smells, no more itchy, sticky yuckiness on hot days, no more dryness and irritation, no more feeling gross and dirty down there, no more waste going in to land fill! One of the best things I have bought for myself.

Ann – 09 July 2015

J’utilise la mooncup depuis 2007 (soit 8 ans maintenant). Je suis heureuse d’avoir découvert cet objet donc trop peu de monde ne parle. Cela facilite ma vie de femme au quotidien: – dans mon travail (dans un milieu très masculin, sur des chantiers où il n’y a que rarement de poubelle pour protections) – dans mes loisirs (haute montagne, parapente, ski, escalade, natation… elle m’a accompagné dans tous mes voyages, dans tous les climats) – dans mon confort (plus de sécheresse vaginale, aucune brûlure) Lorsque je n’ai pas d’eau à disposition, je l’essuie avec un peu de papier toilette. Et je la nettoie le soir dans la douche. Cela n’a vraiment rien de repoussant de vider sa coupe ; au contraire, cela me permet de bien visualiser l’évolution du flux. Merci pour cette invention unique, qui fait qu’être une femme n’est plus un handicap pendant 1 semaine par mois!

Charlotte – 09 July 2015

Had my Cup for about a 4 days now, I managed to get it right the first time and then tried and tried again and couldn’t get it right again for a day or so. left it for a day and tried again and I seem to be getting right now. no more leaks! I usually bleed for 2 weeks so this will save me loads of money in the long run! Always worth a buy and the practise!

Chelsey – 07 July 2015

Don’t give up on the Cup! First time I used it, I couldn’t get on with it at all. It sat in my cupboard for 2 cycles. But of course my latest period showed up on a day I planned to go swimming, so I gave the Mooncup another chance. After a couple practises, taking it in and out is as easy (and clean) as a tampon. It doesn’t leak which means swimming (and sleeping naked) are stress free again.
It’s so comfortable that I often forget it’s there at all – except that I actually look forward to taking it out and seeing how much blood I’ve collected. Which leads me to the best thing about the Mooncup – it’s helped me feel connected to and respectful of my body again. Periods used to be a pain, now I rather look forward to them!

Jen – 07 July 2015

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