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I have menorrhagia and I spent so much money to tampons and towels. One my Estonian friend told me about mooncup. I tried it even I was a little bit skeptical first. And I love mooncup! I had used it now three months and already saved money. I still need to use just in case towels if my period is extremely heavy, but no more horrible tampons which made me ill.Thank you to invent something so good and healthy to woman! I really hope that you will go viral in world wide and help more of us and help save environment.

Tulla – 08 June 2015

I’m coming to the end of my first period with my new mooncup. It is amazing! Took a little while to get the hang of it on the first day, but now it is totally fine. I used a little bit of a lubricant the first time I popped it in and that helped a lot 🙂 It’s extremely comfortable, I forget I am on my period, minus the bloating, cravings and mood swings lol. But downstairs I am so comfortable and fresh as a daisy. If you are considering getting one please don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it. I’ve had no leakage, no discomfort and healthy menses does not smell bad at all so it’s not gross in anyway for me emptying my cup, once you’ve got the hang of it it’s so easy. Not to mention how economical it is, think of that landfill pile you will help to reduce. Just so good, 5 stars for mooncup!!

Kate – 04 June 2015

Even after trawling through all the testimonials, I still wasn’t 100% convinced on how good a mooncup would be. However, I am now a total convert and never want to stop using it!For people like me who can’t use tampons- too dry, uncomfortable, big, painful etc.- and find pads to be like wearing a nappy and pretty uncomfortable too, this is what you need to buy.
It is absolutely fantastic, and you can even forget that you have it in which wasn’t possible for me with any type of tampon. It is totally secure with no leakage provided it is situated right and I’ve done many gym sessions and swimming sessions with it and there have been no mishaps. I would feel completely confident doing things like hiking or days out whereas before I would cancel if the dreaded period occurred.
Without a doubt, the mooncup has made this pretty terrible time of the month just a minor inconvenience instead of a total life disrupting event.
I’d say it’s suitable for everyone regardless of age and I just wish I’d found out about it when I was 13 instead of 6 years later.

Emma – 03 June 2015

I have purchased my mooncup a couple of months ago and being a typical teen, I couldn’t wait to try it once it come through the post. When I first heard about them (on a YouTube video) I was a bit concerned about hygiene and what not but after a little bit of research I was convinced and ordered one along with some sanitising tablets just to be sure. At first it was a bit fiddly trying to cut the stem down to the right size but after that it has made my Totm a dream. I barely think about it now. For my heavy days I just have a panty liner just for the extra safety but it is rarely necessary. I want to convert everyone, though I do have half a box of tampons to shift :L

Laura – 03 June 2015

I had seen info online about the mooncup. Initially I was a bit grossed out by it. Then my daughter started her periods… oh my god how people with more than one teenage daughter cope I don’t know. I was spending nearly £35 per month on sanitary wear. I took the plunge. Only one word I can use is freedom. Freedom throughout the day. Freedom from feeling uncomfortable with those extra long pads that seem to go up to your waist at the back. No more embarrassment when your out and have to take your handbag with you to the bathroom. No I love it. I am even thinking of converting my daughter. When I told people about this a lot of them were shocked by it. Until I told them all the environmental statistics.
Why didn’t I try this before.

If you are in two minds about purchasing this, don’t be. Worth every penny,

to the moon and back – 02 June 2015

I can honestly say that the Mooncup is the best money I have ever spent, I read lots of reviews before getting it and was a bit apprehensive but from first use I have not had a problem. It is so comfortable I have to remind myself it’s still there! I have been swimming, running and cycling in it as well as to Pilates and never had to worry about leaking or it being uncomfortable. I would recommend to anyone and only wish that I had bought one years ago.

Alice – 02 June 2015

I first heard about these cups on TV in my late 20s, but it wasn’t until Feb this year that I took the plunge and bought one. Three cycles on and I’m converted – I’ve not bought a pack of tampons since the switch and although I still need a pad on my heaviest days (2nd night in particular is risky) I can get away with less than half a pack for an entire cycle!Okay, yes it took a while to get to grips with the thing, and I’ve had a few “can’t reach to remove it” moments but at least now I can virtually ignore the fact I’m being visited by Aunt Flo once again. Well worth the initial cost and I’m already trying to convert my friends… well, those who aren’t post-menopausal anyway!
Only snag is… what to do with those tampons I’ve already wasted my hard-earned cash on?

Hazel – 31 May 2015

I moved to Bangladesh last year and I was aware that I couldn’t readily purchase sanitary items so I started using the mooncup! So great – particularly environmentally friendly! I wish more of my friends would get on the band wagon!

Kate – 30 May 2015

I bought the Mooncup a couple of weeks ago so I could try it out before I go backpacking in a few months. I used it for the first time last week and oh my goodness, it works like a charm. I have quite a heavy flow and I usually have to get up and change tampons twice during the night and again at 6AM or 7AM but I have slept through every night this period without any leaks. That’s bloody brilliant, right?! I wish I’d known about this product in my early teens because it’s what I’ll be using from now on. The only difficulty I had was removing the Mooncup but all was well once I cut the stem. I am so happy with this product. I actually feel confident now that I won’t have any disasters while on my period and that I won’t have to spend any more money on tampons/pads! I can’t feel it at all and I’m not constantly obsessing over the thought of whether I need to check for any blood or not. I can’t stress enough how wonderful the Mooncup is! Definitely get this product, ladies. It’s not messy at all once you get a hold of things. I promise you won’t look back!

Laura – 26 May 2015

I was a bit hesitant at first, but after doing a little bit of research, I decided to go for it–and I’m SO glad I did! I’ve saved a ton of money from using it, and I never feel like there’s an odor or dryness left behind afterwards. I recommend it to all my friends now, and will NEVER go back to tampons!

Amanda – 26 May 2015

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