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The mooncup is awesome – I barely even have to think about my period now!! Definitely give it a go if you are thinking about it!

Anna – 24 November 2009

I’ve been a satisfied customer of the mooncup for years. Recently it proved once again how great it is when I used it during a heavy-duty camping trip in the Sahara desert. It was a bit hands-on, but I loved not having to carry used tampons around with me for days. The only weird thing was that in the morning there were a jackal’s footprints all around the spot where I’d buried the blood the night before. One obviously had a good scatch and sniff in the middle of the night!

Sue – 23rd November 2009

My Mooncup has improved my life during my period.. I no longer have the worry of what to do with soiled products, and it is much more comfortable and discreet than anything I’ve used before. I’ve recommended it at every opportunity and have converted a number of other women already. I first used it whilst I was on holiday in what was the hottest week of that year and was much happier and comfortable than I would have been had I been using tampons or towels. I was concerned that I might leak at night, but quickly discovered that this wasn’t a problem, and now I don’t dread the mess or additional discomfort of uncomfortable products every month.

Julie Baugh – 23rd November 2009

I can honestly say that my Mooncup has changed my life! I used to dread having my period so much – with heavy bleeding, leaking, problems with tampons AND towels, it was a nightmare! I found mooncup and from the very first try, it was amazing. I cannot believe this isn’t the primary product for periods! It should be! I am so grateful, I can’t even express it enough in words. Prepare to have your life changed for the better!

Sophie – 23 November 2009

Used mooncup for the first time, FANTASTIC !!. No leaks even at night. I did take the time toread lots of reviews an followed the tips as I thought it would be tricky to insert/remove, im happy to say that I did not have any problems.I did have to trim the tail but I am extremely happy that I tried it an will be recommending it to my family and friends.

Sheena – 23 November 2009

I am on my third day of using the mooncup and I’m just getting used to it now! I would say that it does take a bit of practise to insert and take out, and it is a little fiddly, but it is definitly worth the extra effort. I found the FAQ on inserting and removing very helpful and it is worth reading it as well as the leaflet before using it. No more tampons and towels for me!

Rachel – 21st November 2009

I switched to mooncup for the same reasons I believe most people do: environmental concern. I had been worried about the effect of tampons for some time, but knew of no alternatives. I discovered mooncups on the internet one day and ordered one immediately.
It’s fantastic. Very easy to use, I got the hang of getting in and out with no trouble after just a couple of tries. It’s very clean, less messy than tampons, and very confortable. I fell much more confident exercising when I have my period.
I have no regrets about the purchase of my mooncup: it’s cleaner, cheaper and better of the environment… Go fot it!

Carrie – 21 November 2009

I recommend anyone give it a go. A wonderful investment! The benefits are numerous- and even if you decide to not use it after buying and trying (you won’t) it is only £20, which is a few day’s worth of lunch money, or text credit -or coffee dosh. Please try it- all these people can’t be wrong.

Jez – 19 November 2009

Just wanted to say Mooncup is just fantastic! I have been using it for two years now and have never once looked back. One of many beauties about it is that if, like me, you can be a tad forgetful from time to time it really isn’t a big deal if you forget to empty and wash it in a whole day! You can also wear it overnight and lie in with no worries that your tampon will overflow. Between periods I sterilise my mooncup with baby bottle sterilisation tablets. It comes out sparkling. Every woman not adverse to internal protection should have a mooncup. They just make sense!

Anna – 16th November 2009

I bought a mooncup recently for environmental purposes and was really nervous about using it. I just had my period and it was the best period i’ve ever had! The mooncup was so easy to use, so comfortable I couldn’t even tell it was there, and whilst I know some people are concerned about the ‘messy’ aspect of using one, I actually found it a lot more pleasant than using tampons. I had no leaks whatsoever and didn’t have to worry about carrying a bag full of three different types of tampons around for a week! One very happy customer. 🙂

Kirsten – 16 November 2009

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