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I have just brought my mooncup and I was pleasantly suprised to find it very easy to use. I was worried I would not be able to use it as I hahve never used tampoons but I had no problems what so ever :)I would and already have recommeneded this to friends and family.

Sonia Jones – 15th November 2009

I’ve used my mooncup for about 18 months now. I have very heavy periods and used to spend a fortune on tampons, used to dread “that time of the month” as it used to be very messy, time consuming and spent the whole time terrified for little ‘accidents’!
Mooncup has changed my life. Its so effective, comfortable and now I am so much more relaxed that I never need to worry. Plus I’ve saved a fortune!

Thank you!

Emily – 15 November 2009

I’m 51 and read about it on a messageboard. I thought I’d try it almost as a talisman, if I spent 20 then I’d get to the no periods stage of the menopause. So I’m on to the 3rd period after purchase. I think it is wonderful product and I wish I had found it earlier in my life. However, I do have very heavy periods and it does leak. Yes it seals to your vagina, but it doesn’t act as a complete plug as I thought it would. Try filling it up to the rim with water, it will leak until the level reaches the bottom of the second rim.One of the advantages is that I am able to measure my menstrual flow and now I do know I have more than the average and can talk to my doctor about this.I was a little concerned when I first started using it and it leaked that your booklet said that one of main reasons for leakage was wearing it to high in the vagina.Well, I’m sorry, but my body has decided exactly where it sits. I tried placing it low and my body naturally positioned it exactly where it wanted it. So I’ve ceased to worry about that.The first month I found it difficult to take out, but I’ve since learned to use my vaginal muscles to push it out to a point where it is easy to reach by the body of the cup.I’ve told friends and family, I hope some of the younger ones find this earlier than I did.

Janice – 13th November 2009

I have never even heard of the mooncup before, I obviously read the graffiti in public toilets and not the stickers! I stumbled upon the site whilst looking for a pattern to make some reusable sanitary towels from old cotton nappies. Since having my baby almost a year ago my periods are horrendously heavy, completely different from before, hence the need for a super absorbant home-made towel to couple with my industrial strength tampons. The thought of a reusable tampon is genius! I really don’t like tampons, they either leak due to heavy periods or dry you up because you’ve got the wrong one in. I have not had any trouble using the mooncup – no leaks, absolute security and no uncomfortable cotton-wool-on-a-string feelings. It is a bit messy sure, but no more than removing a filled disposable tampon and certainly nowhere near as bad as having to turn your husband out of bed because you got a puddle of blood on the mattress during a 3am feed… I am upset my friends think I’m weird for using this, we live in a society of disposable things, most of which is unnecessary and expensive landfill. Perhaps I can’t convert my peers to my way of thinking, (we don’t talk about periods) but I am happy in the knowledge I will be raising an army of little eco-warriors whether they’re my kids or not and they will all know the name “Mooncup”!

Connie – 13 November 2009

I had heard about the mooncup sometime ago but it wasn’t until I saw an advert recently while I was researching irregular bleeding on the internet that I finally decided to buy one. I am so pleased that I have, not only because I can feel very eco friendly now that I am not filling landills with hundreds of tampons a year and I will save loads of money but also because I have recently had the contraceptive implant fitted and this has caused irregular bleeding while the hormones settle down. Now that I am using the Mooncup I can monitor how much I am actually bleeding during this time. And it saves me wasting a tampon when I end up only spotting for a few hours or leaking when I try to just use a panty liner! Its really irritating to be having a very irregular flow and this product makes such a difference to that. I’m surprised that I can’t feel it even though its wider than a tampon, although I did have to trim all the stem off before it felt comfortable. Its so easy to insert and remove and I feel much more confident that I’m not going to leak with it. If I think that I might be I can always check it, clean it and re-insert it without having wasted a tampon in the process of making sure I’m not going to leak before I go out somewhere! I am definitely going to recommend it to all my friends! Thank you, I wish I’d bought this sooner.

Lorraine – 10th November 2009

I have used the Mooncup for about a year now and I have to say how liberating the experience is! I am peri-menopausal and was experiencing vaginal dryness, pain and soreness leading to an appointment at a regional GUM clinic to find the reason. Since changing over from tampons to the Mooncup my symptoms have all but disappeared! I think that I had developed some kind of allergy to the bleaching agents used in commercial tampons, although even changing over to “greener” organic 100% cotton bleach-free ones only reduced my symptoms slightly. Now I get occasional soreness and my incidence of thrush has declined to almost nothing. The other advantage to the mooncup is that I no longer have to invest in pant liners (another source of irritation) as the mooncup is leak free. In 12 months’ use I have not experience an “accident”. My G.P.(male) is impressed by my findings and has started promoting the use of the Mooncup in other perimenopausal women. Oh, and another plus, we have no sanitary disposal unit where I work and now I don’t have to worry about the dilemma of what to do with a used tampon – we have a sink by the loo. So, thanks so much for changing my life!

Maria – 10 November 2009

I saw a negative comment on here by Morgan, and I think she has clearly never used a mooncup. I’m American, and I bought mine back before all the shipping restrictions came about. I LOVE it!! Its the best thing I have ever spent money on, and I DON’T believe these are fake testemonies. I would encourage any woman who is comfortable with her body to get a Mooncup. I have never been more happy.

Missy – 06 November 2009

After three days of non-stop practice/stress, I’ve finally managed to insert my Mooncup for the first time today.Not had a chance to experience it working yet, but at least I know I’m prepared. Great that you can practice when you’re not on!So just to let everyone know, even if you’re struggling, don’t give up; I’m now waiting to proclaim this one of the best inventions ever…bring on the period!

Cheryl – 5th November 2009

What can I say?! I’ve been using my mooncup for 18 months now, and if I were to choose the single greatest investment in my health, my savings, and my womanhood I’ve ever made – this is it. I love my mooncup! I still go shouting from the rooftops about it (Ok, not literally…).
I’m willing to try most things, so when I heard about it I thought ‘Oh yeah, why not?’. At first it was a bit tricky to use, and it took a couple of periods to get the hang of it, but after that it became second nature. I’ve been swimming in the sea, swimming at pools, to karate class in a white dogi/uniform, spent 8 days with the heaviest period I’ve ever had in a filthy music festival… no leaks, no spills, no cramps, no problems.

It’s so interesting being able to see what your body’s doing too, as weird as that may sound – I’m a naturopath so I suppose I have that bias – but it makes things so much more useful, especially for things like fertility watching and monitoring, or if you’re ever at the gynae.

I can’t believe how much money I’ve saved already, and how easy it is to use. You could almost forget it’s there – no smelly tampons to deal with or nasty pads sitting in your knickers, no sneaking off with a tampon in your hand at work, no cramps, no dryness, no infections, no problems, and nothing polluting this beautiful planet. It’s perfect!

See how I go on and on?! Once again – Thank You!! x

Erin – 05 November 2009

I started using the mooncup about 6 months ago, after using tampons for a decade or so. I hated pads: they just felt uncomfortable, and tampons tended to make me feel dry and irritated, especially once my flow lightened towards the end of my period. I LOVE the mooncup!! It can take a bit of practice at first, especially removing it, but once you get the hang of it, you can never look back. It is just amazing! I’ve been telling all my friends about it, hoping they get one too. It’s wonderful feeling at tune with ones body, and helping the environment at the same time.Sometimes I do have a little trouble removing it, but the best advice is to not panic, over time you learn techniques that help you remove it easily and insert it correctly.I highly recommend the mooncup! I heard about it purely by accident, and I wish they were displayed in stores along with Tampons and Pads.Thank you very much!

Sarah – 3rd November 2009

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