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Unfortunately I have the horible fortune of bleeding continuously for over 6 months now 🙁 Gynae hasn’t a clue whats wrong with me, and I’m only 18. I spend around 20 a week on tampons and pads….and im only on benefits, my bleeding completely ruined everything. Imagine PMS 24/7 for 6 months! My auntie gave me the link to this website and I’ve just recieved my Mooncup today. First Impression was.. OMG its HUGE! Lol…but i worked it out and hope it is going to work for me! No more stuffing my bag and pockets full of tampons! I hope this is going to change my life completely! I think its going to make me a lot happier as well!! I will certainly pass this link on to all the women I know!!! Thanks!

Dani – 3rd November 2009

I’d heard of the Mooncup over a year ago but it seemed expensive so had put off buying it until I saw it in Boots a couple of months ago.
The Mooncup is amazing! You cannot feel it and the only bad experience I’ve had was when I accidentally put it in sideways. It got lodged and I started to panic. I thought I’d have to tear myself apart! Once I calmed down and teased it around, everything was fine. I think the trick is to not put it in so quick.

BanChan – 03 November 2009

Best thing since sliced bread!!!! Like everyone was a bit dubious about this but I still had to try it for myself. Oh boy am I glad I did. It so easy. Its extremely interesting too learning about your own bodily functions. Just remember to wash your hands before and after and dont leave the mooncup on any floor or washbasin unless its on a tissue in case of germs.I would recommend this. Just try it. You will be glad you did.

Claire – 03 November 2009

I’ve been using my Mooncup for about a year now and LOVE it!!!!!! I have super heavy periods and only have to empty my Mooncup every 3-4hrs, where I was leaking through a SuperPlus Tampon in 30-60 mins! Had a few difficulties getting it placed comfortably initially but, once I got that sorted…….Fantastic!!! Have recommended it to quite a few people already! I’ll never go back!!!Thank you Mooncup UK!!!!

Sarah – 1st November 2009

First of all congratulations for designing the best, healthiest and more eco-friendly product ever created for menstruation =) I have been using the mooncup for around 4 years now and find it very confortable and easy to use, especially when travelling since I don’t need to worry about buying “stuff” anymore.

However, with regards to one of your Q&A questions on whether or not it will hold inverted postures, I can say it holds pretty well if you are inverted for under 5 minutes and/or your period is fairly light that day (i.e. if Mooncup is practically empty). If not, I’m afraid it does leak a bit when you return to your normal position, but nothing a small “Salva-slip” won’t hold =) It might also spill a bit during exercise if you’re having very heavy periods.

In any case the Mooncup is amazing and well worth buying! XDXD

Shenti – 01 November 2009

I only wish I had been given one of these aged 12… it’s all you need. Marvellous.

Polly – 01 November 2009

My Mooncup arrived at the same day as my monthlies! I was so happy to see that you’ve sent it without unnecessary outer packaging (even though it was sent from one country to another) and it was delivered by daily mail. I expected the usual big package for a tiny thing-posting delivered via some logistics company.
It is really great to see that every detail of your company is so thoughtfully sustainable. From the ink on your flyers to the (wonderfull) Mooncup. Thanks a lot. And keep going.

Ju – 30 October 2009

When I first heard about Mooncups I thought I laughed and couldn’t believe anyone would want to use one, but a week ago I thought ‘oh why not give it a go’ and already I know that I’ll never go back to using tampons. The mooncup worked first time, it’s easy and economical too!

Olivia – 29th October 2009

When I get the mooncup I was a little sceptical about the size. Then I try this with the first day of my mensturation. I need 2 days for the right practices, but after this time I feel free and glad with mooncup. Over 15 years I use tampon but in the last time I was unsatisfied. I search for alternatives. But it was only after buying the mooncup I read that this is a ethical company which lead from women. So I do a good think for and the enviroment. Small things can do great things. Thank you for the mooncup.

Anita – 29 October 2009

ohhh. i ve been using the mooncup for the last 4 years and i am extremly happy about that.so happy that i just “convinced” 25 other women to get one…i got mine in new zealand where it is normal to get one in organic shops.i noticed that its not like that here in germany. i live in hamburg with lots of organic and alternative shops, but no mooncup.i want to spread the word about mooncups more official…because i think,us women have -at least- the right to hear about it.its gonna be new for lots of women,as for the women i just told lately about…i really believe it has to spread.its just wonderful in every dimension.thanks for this wonderful friend:)

Kathy – 28 October 2009

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