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My cousin had spoken to me about the MoonCup five years ago. She had printed a little story explaining the use and the advantages of Mooncup and she put it in every women’s washroom she saw. At this time, the MoonCup disgusted me! So I understand the most skeptics girls…But I changed my mind and I want to try to change yours (if you aren’t convinced yet).
Now I use the menstrual cup and I think it’s an amazing product!! You can sum up the advantages of this product in few words: it’s economically profitable, it’s more hygienic, it’s more ecological (no waste) and when you know using it it’s more practical.
Believe me, your period will never be a problem anymore!

Matal – 26 May 2015

I came across a YouTube video whit a girl talking about the mooncup and I was debating giving it a try. Reading page after page of reviews and tutorials. I shipped overseas because it was impossible to find it in America but I can say with confidence that this is the best product I have ever bought. I was having to change pads and tampons 3-4 times a day and was still worried about leaking. After I got used to the mooncup (first few try’s always rocky) It has made my periods so much easier to manage. No leaks, no pain at all. I’m 16 but I couldn’t imagine not living with this product.

Sarah – 26 May 2015

I have struggled with periods since first starting them, the mooncup has really changed this for me; when using tampons my menstral cramps were so bad I would faint, vomit and often be forced to call in sick to work due to these symptoms. After the initial teething problems with inserting and removing it, the mooncup has really helped me and I fell in control of my periods rather than the other way around.
For anyone too nervous to try a mooncup for fear of trying to figure out how to put it in and take it out (I definitely was one of these people) think back to how alien a tampon was the first time you tried to use it. the small learning curve is worth it for the ease and naturalness the mooncup makes you feel. Not to mention the money I’ve saved on tampons! Yay mooncup!

Sara – 23 May 2015

What an incredibly simple effective product! Why wasn’t I aware of it sooner! At 49, my periods have been becoming heavier, and as an keen exerciser, this has been the cause of embarrassment each month. Before each exercise class, I would have to change my tampon, add a pad and hope for no leakages. But no more! I had been to see the doctor for advice over heavy periods but was told it was my age. I was totally fed up and whilst searching the Internet, came across Mooncup. I was intrigued. How could it possibly work? The more I read, the more I believed it would work. So I bought my Mooncup and have not looked back. Exercise classes are now a breeze, I cannot feel my Mooncup like I could at times with tampons and getting changed after class is no longer an issue with trying to hide pads. We need to educate women everywhere to ditch the tampons and be more liberated each month!

Wendy – 22 May 2015

I’ve been using a mooncup for a number of years now and not only has it saved me a small fortune but it has made managing my periods so much easier. I never feel restricted about what I can do or where I can go. It’s especially good when travelling as you can never run out of products and wherever you are, it’s simple to empty and reinsert. Probably the best money I’ve ever spent. Just can’t imagine why my friends won’t try it!

Sally – 20 May 2015

Using disposable sanitary products had given me really bad thrush in the past, resulting in a year long course of antifungal treatment that often aggravated the problem further. Sick of the itching and the pain of using disposables, I looked on Etsy for reusable sanitary pads and from these I found out about the Mooncup as many women seemed to use reusable panty liners as back up with their Mooncups. I did some research and found out more about the Mooncup before finally buying one last month from my local wholefood store. I have to admit, I’m very impressed with the Mooncup and since using it during my last two cycles I have finally managed to get rid of my thrush and feel a lot healthier and happier in my vaginal health. At first sight the Mooncup does look very big but this shouldn’t put anyone off – it folds up and fits well once you get it in the right position. I have asked Mooncup to send me some stickers and leaflets to spread around my University campus as I am astonished at how few women know that there are other alternatives to disposables out there. As someone hoping to go into the Education Sector once finishing my degree, I think it is vital that we educate young girls and women about the different sanitary options available to them and I just wish I’d known about it sooner – the Mooncup could have saved me a lot of worry, pain and bother and it is safe to say that I won’t ever go back to disposables!

Daisy – 19 May 2015

I live in a house of four girls and in the last couple of months we’ve all started using the Mooncup.
It’s been an amusing process for all of us, giving daily updates on how we’re finding our Mooncups! As a virgin, I found it quite difficult at first to get the cup in and found it a little painful to remove. However, by the end of my first period I was using the Mooncup like a pro! I also worked out that collectively we’re saving the environment from over 700 tampons a year!

Bee – 19 May 2015

What a really amazing product, but why oh why did I not know about this sooner. I have read so many testimonials from women saying that they will never go back to tampons and sanitary pads (and I count myself in that number). Funny that we never see the reverse, i.e. reviews saying that once they had tried tampons, the mooncup was consigned to the back of the drawer. Says a lot really. But why aren’t we educating young women better about their choices and what impact they have.

Mary – 16 May 2015

After reading an article about the benefits of menstrual cups I did rather a lot of research about them.I’ve suffered with ridiculously heavy, extremely painful, periods since a pretty young age. School was a nightmare for me and my agonising periods, that I was finding hard to manage at such a young age, meant I’d end up having days off every month. Even at 21 years of age, I’ve found myself missing nights out with friends and planning my life around my periods. Not much fun. I even had to be careful when using the highest absorbency tampons you can buy in the UK!! I know, right?!
So, I went ahead and decided to try mooncup after reading nothing but glowing reviews. Even the initial cost of the cup was probably only equal to a couple of months supply of tampons so I figured it was worth a shot.
I can’t believe the difference it has made to my life already. It took a little getting used to but I didn’t struggle inserting or removing the cup once. I found that for me it was best to cut the stem off entirely.
I must admit I did wear pads for the duration of my first period using the cup but I didn’t have a single leak! Hallelujah!
I think I’d even feel comfortable enough to go swimming wearing the cup, something I could never have risked when using tampons. I feel like running around the streets telling every woman I encounter what a horrible mistake they’re making by using tampons. … And even better is that I’ll never have to make a midnight dash to the supermarket when the little blighter has arrived a day or two early, and no more special trips to the loo… I was able to leave emptying the cup until I needed the loo anyway. Brilliant. I can’t sing enough praises for this product.

Tami – 15 May 2015

I have had my Mooncup for a few years now. It is probably the best purchase I have ever made. It is an adjustment and you might have some leakage in the beginning, but don’t get discouraged. Once you get it, you’ll never have to deal with the dryness of tampons or the gross wet feeling of pads ever again. Plus, I have saved so much money by not buying pads over the past few years!
I wish everyone knew about this product. If you’re on the fence about it like I was, just do it. You’re be so happy you did. 🙂

Madeline – 14 May 2015

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