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I used my Mooncup for the first time on holiday in Morocco last year. Quite frankly it was a wonder. I had been dreading having to use terrible toilets in public places but the Mooncup made life so easy! I’ve been using it for over a year now and have bought one for many of my friends. They’re all converted and have bought them in turn for their friends. Apart from the obvious financial and environmental savings, it’s great to be able to go out and not have to carry a bag full of tampons and towels. I used to dread my periods but now they may not exactly be fun, but they’re a lot less bother!I rarely notice my periods now and haven’t complained about them for months!Thanks Mooncup!

Nicki – 22nd October 2009

Don’t know how I lived without it before-it’s an incredible product and I’ll never go back to anything else! I love it!! There are so many benefits to using it

Leigh – 22 October 2009

I heard about the mooncup (or similar) about 6 years ago but couldn’t buy one until I got a credit card (last month!). The mooncup is the first thing I bought. Consequently I had high expectations – and I was not disappointed! I get lots of blood clots which cause tampons to be quite frustrating in the first few days of my period. I found the mooncup very very easy to get used to, it didn’t leak at all, (amazing!). I’m counting all the money I’m going to save, and so happy about less waste into the environment! I’ve told lots of women about it but have difficulty expressing just how much I love my mooncup. If only they would believe me! Thank you!

Anna – 21st October 2009

This is one of the only things I have bought which has actually improved my life. The benefits are many – health, cost, convenience, security, environment. I have told all my friends about it.

Nikki – 21st October 2009

I LOVE MY MOONCUP! I am only on my second month of using my mooncup but am just starting to get the hang of it and can’t image life without it. It was a little tricky to use at first and it took patience, perseverence and practice but I would never go back to pads or tampons. I feel so mch cleaner and healthier and proud that I am making a difference to the environment and to my account – not having to buy other sanitary protection is such a relief. Thank you Mooncup!

Emily – 21 October 2009

I have just used the Mooncup for the first time, age 40, with three young children. I am thrilled with it, and have been spreading the word. I found it very clean and easy to use, and just wish I could have had access to the Mooncup from my first period, all those years ago! My daughter will be lucky enough to use the Mooncup from day one. I can’t praise it enough!

Susan – 21 October 2009

I was starting to feel guilty about the environmental consequences of using tampons and towels, so I decided to invest in a Mooncup. My only regret is that I didn’t discover it sooner! (I’m now 35…). I don’t know I’m wearing it, and it seems so much more ‘natural’ than tampons or towels. And sleeping with it in is a revelation! No mess, no fuss. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Donna – 21 October 2009

Nach einer ca. 4 monatigen Gewoehnungsphase bezueglich rein- und rausgeben klappt es jetzt prima mit meinem Mooncup.
Ich freue mich, dass ich den “CUP” gefunden habe – er ist natuerlich und simple,

spart Geld, vermeidet Muell und verbindet mich mehr zu meiner Periode – im positiven Sinne!

Inge – 15 October 2009

Ich verwende seit einem halben Jahr Ihren Mooncup (von dem ich über eine Freundin erfuhr) und bin absolut begeistert. Nun hätte ich gerne einige Flyer und Info Material, die ich bei Gynäkologen und Apotheken auslegen kann. Ich bin sehr verwundert, dass der Mooncup so unbekannt in Deutschland ist und würde das gerne ändern. Herzliche Grüße

Eva – 09 September 2009

Der Mooncup ist super, ich fühle mich wesentlich freier und beweglicher. Ich bin oft unterwegs, wandern, zelten und lange radtouren. Mit dem Mooncup kann ich problemlos reisen, ohne müll in der Natur zu hinterlassen. Obendrauf spart’s mir auch noch Geld. Geniale Idee, vielen dank.

Gabi – 09 September 2009

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