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I bought my moon cup a few months ago after seeing people talking about them on various blogs, YouTube, etc. I took the plunge and bought one just to see if it was any good. I was really sceptical at first and I admit I skipped using it for a couple of periods, however, I’ve knuckled down and used it for 3 periods in a row and I LOVE it! It was uncomfortable at first and it took me a while to decide I needed to cut the whole stem off! But now I feel like a pro! I empty it in the morning before I shower, once at lunchtime and then just before bed. I properly clean it (by boiling) at the end of my period and just before it too as it’s sitting in the cupboard for a few weeks between periods. I’m NEVER going back to disposables! Saving the planet and my pocket – so happy 🙂

Melissa – 11 February 2016

I’ve just posted this review on Boots website and I wanted to share it with you.
Mooncup is the perfect solution to monthly bleeding – a small bendy cup that sits just inside, moulds to your shape and collects blood. You just need to pop it out a few times a day to empty and wash it.

It’s about the size of a small egg-cup and the handy guide that comes in the box with it (as well as a cotton bag for storage) shows how to insert it. It only took me a few goes to get the knack and it really is easy. (Easiest if you consciously ask your muscles to r-e-l-a-x and also leave your hands and the cup wet after washing.) Putting it in and out needs a finger and thumb so I also had to file down my thumbnail!

The cup is made of an inert transparent bendy silicon stuff – I’m allergic to rubber, latex and other plastics but the material was fine, no irritation at all. The instruction leaflet explains how to trim the ‘stem’ to make it more comfortable. Mooncup is a British company, and they’re made in the UK – so you can be reassured that you’re buying a quality product, and supporting UK industry too.

The instructions for sizing say choose the A size if over 30 or have given birth through the lady-department (apparently I can’t say the anatomically-correct word in a Boots review?!). I’m nearer 40 but haven’t given birth and I’m happy that B is the right size for me – I’m slim and have strong muscles from yoga etc.

I find that after I put the cup in, I’m aware of it but by squeezing and releasing the muscles a few times, it moves into a good position and then I can’t feel it at all. Incredible! And then you can walk around with a sneaky smile on your face, knowing you’ve got a brilliant solution hidden inside.

You’ll know how often to take out and rinse the cup because it depends on your flow. And I was delighted to find I could even do this in the shower. I swim regularly and the Mooncup is so much more hygienic – no pool water soaking into tampons (yuk) – and also there’s nothing to dispose of. Perfect.

It might seem pricey but how much do you spend on tampons/pad over the years? I’ll never need tampons or pads every again! Even on my first month using Mooncup, I didn’t need to use a single pad. So not only is it environmentally-friendly, it’s economically savvy too.

I highly recommend this to all women – and if I had limitless money, I’d give these out free to girls at school. And I’d like to see Boots and women’s magazines doing more to promote this superb product. Thank you Mooncup, I wish I’d found you 20+ years ago!

Suzanne – 10 February 2016

I bought my first mooncup about 5 years ago. It was definitely worth the investment. $30 for 5 years worth of menstrual products. I am buying a new one today. But this is only because I lost the first one.

Jenn – 06 February 2016

Oh my gosh, totally converted. I had bought a mooncup over a year ago, and I didn’t have much success the first time I used it, so I gave up and continued using pads. Then last week I said I would give it a go and I really wish I had used it sooner! I was anxious about using it over night, as many years ago I used a tampon once overnight and it was terribly uncomfortable and I was awake all night with it (but I had nothing else and I was in a friends house). It turned out great and no discomfort. I also wore it during a training session at the swimming pool and it was perfect! Im so happy I’ve FINALLY started using the Mooncup! No going back! 😀 10/10

Bec – 04 February 2016

It took a little practice to get it in properly and after one extremely messy accident I now know exactly how it needs to sit inside me. It was odd at first to put something bigger in circumference than a tampon, but I got the technique down and I can now do it when I’m half asleep.
I get far less cramps compared to a tampon nor does it chafe. I know exactly what day my mentrual cycle starts but it was always a nervous wait with a tampon on standby because it could come in the afternoon, evening or overnight. As you’re not suppose to put a tampon in in anticipation of your period, it caused a lot of anxiety. With the Mooncup, I can put it in if I know I’m about to start and if I had to take it out to refresh, it doesn’t chafe and make me sore.

The Mooncup is the best investment ever! Now I just need to offload my unused boxes of tampons on to someone.

Kara – 04 February 2016

I’m in my thirties and never even heard of a Mooncup until recently a very natural mama buddie of mine mentioned trying it and she thought it was great. After my babies I seem to have so much trouble with tampons, they will just fall out after 20 minutes unless I sneeze or walk about, I’m limited during my period because I’m just too heavy for anything to not leak and end up in a right mess especially if I attempt exercise! Anyway brought a Mooncup today and have found the answer! I’m way more comfortable, dry and confident that it will stay in place no matter what! I will never go back to using tampons… EVER!!!

Gemma – 03 February 2016

My friends had been telling me about how good mooncups are for a couple of years but I was nervous. I finally plucked up the courage and wish I’d done it years ago. Much easier to use than I expected and it just feels so comfortable and secure. I hadn’t thought tampons were a problem but it’s amazing how much more confident and happy I am on my period now.

Katie – 01 February 2016

I had always dismissed the moon cup as something ‘hippy’, ‘tree huggers’ used(totally prejudiced I know) but after having a particularly horrible month using tampons I’m totally converted. I was experiencing painful dryness, which actually caused thrush, and I’m not a fan of towels so was really looking for an alternative when I researched cups. Initially I was a bit freaked out but I watched the Mooncup clip and decided to take the plunge. I tried the cup out a few times before my period so I got the hang of insertion and removal. So, for the real thing, I was very light on my first day and wore the cup over night. The next morning I had a bit of a panic as I couldn’t remove it at first but I went on the website, read the advice, relaxed, squatted, pushed a wee bit and got it out. Since then I have not had a problem.
When using it I feel so much fresher and cleaner. I don’t have to wear a bulky pad and actually barely notice that I’m on my period. Yes, you are much more aware of how much blood is coming out of you but it’s much less frequently and actually seems more natural.

I will never go back to tampons and/or pads this way is much nicer, ecological and economical.

I have actually become quite evangelical about the Mooncup. I wish they taught this in schools!

Charlie – 29 January 2016

I was sceptical about trying out Mooncup as I thought it would be fiddly and messy, but had been reading about it online so thought I would give it a go. All I have to say is it is the best £20 I have ever spent! It is so comfortable, cannot feel it at all and no worrying that I’m going to leak through like with tampons! I’m also going to save a small fortune as I won’t have to buy different absorbency tampons and pads for night time now!

Rachel – 23 January 2016

So I bought a Moon Cup yesterday on day 2 of my period having managed to go the first two days with just a sanitary pad. I’d read a lot about them online before trying them out and read about a few people’s first experiences. I haven’t yet come across a negative one.

Anyway, as I’m a photographer that likes to promote recycling and responsible distribution of food etc. I feel it would be a little hypocritical of me to continue sending my tampons and sanitary pads to the rubbish piles of the earth.

So I got home with my moon cup and washed it as directed though I didn’t have unscented soap so I used Carex and just rinsed it really thoroughly… really really thoroughly. I’ve not had any problems yet anyway.

I found some nail scissors with which to cut the stem and surprising had to go quite far to the base of the cup.

Can I just point out at this point that it’s more of a goblet/bell shape than a cup but is only about the size of a shot glass, it’s not scary at all and doesn’t look so big.

After trimming down the stem I pushed an edge down so it looked rather like a rose (after reading about it online as the best technique) and sort of pushed it in like you would a DIY tampon. I wiped a little blood off my hands with toilet paper, stuck a panty liner in my knickers for good measure and tidied up in the bathroom.

When I went back to my desk, I sat down and felt a sort of gentle popping feeling which was odd to say the least but just feels like a bubble popping in your lady sections. I checked my knickers to make sure it hadn’t sort of turned on its side and all was good.

I then went about my day, almost totally forgetting it was in there. When I next went to the toilet I tried to find the stem and it was quite high up so I did a bit of bearing down like I’d read in the leaflet until I could feel this stem then gently pulled down, heard the little suction release and out it came, without too much effort. I noticed I’d collected about 6ml which was interesting to see, poured it into the loo, wiped the edge and stuck it back in (I didn’t have a sink nearby at this point). That second time I felt the ‘pop’ again so I guess it’s just the cup fully opening inside me.

My vagina has always seemed to be at a bit of an angle. I’ve always had to push a tampon in then when I push a little bit further it kinda moves to an angle towards my left side. I’ve got a curved spine so that could be why. Though, I asked my boyfriend, rather crudely, if he had noticed I had a wonky vagina and he hadn’t, so who knows.

Anyway, I slept in the cup last night and have never had a better sleep. I wasn’t worried about leakage, I felt much sexier not having a huge pad in my knickers and it wasn’t at all uncomfortable.

I will be using this from now on for every cycle and it will be at the forefront of my bathroom cabinet in the hope that my friends might ask me about it and I can convert them too.

Tampons, be gone! I never have to worry about leaving you in too long now.
The worst month of my life is now a little bit not as bad.

Beanie – 22 January 2016

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