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Makes your period so much easier! Was fed up with fiddling with pads and tampons and was excited to try this product. I can honestly say it’s a life changer, It’s comfortable, has no harsh chemicals, and is so much better for the environment! 100% recommend it to every woman out there! X

El – 22 January 2016

I’ve used a mooncup for about six years now and love it. I initially went on the website to show my boyfriend this crazy thing that you can get but read the testimonials, was totally persuaded and bought one! I’ve taken it travelling, so handy not filling up a backpack with tampons, and use it each month. It’s great to save money and not create waste. I always tell people about it if I can!

Ros – 10 January 2016

Wow… Mooncup, you are a miracle!I heard about Menstrual cups for the first time online a few years ago but there didn’t seem to be a lot of talk about it, at that time I had just started with Tampons so felt a bit nervous at the concept of having to venture further south than absolutely necessary, which is a rediculous notion to me now as I have come to see getting a bit older as this is the last thing I should be afraid of!
Tampons have always added to my already prominent cramping, which also made me even more depressed – I was feeling paeticularly fed up towards the end of this year about it with all the talks about taxing tampons, but i’d also always been a bit sad knowing that i was contributing to environmental damage for something out of my control…
The mooncup has been the ideal “stick it to the man” for all my problems and I find myself writing this in fits of giggles, absolutely no pain and motivatiok to do even more to reduce my effects on the environment.
I experienced no problems getting used to insertion or removal and it required minimul ajustment, it was like it was made just for me ^^ – Ladies, we really do not have to be depressed at our totm anymore, the lovely people of mooncup have solved it, if you haven’t already tried one, i really do suggest trying because it was exactly what I was looking for :)!!

Melody – 06 January 2016

I’m just online now to buy my second mooncup – the first one has lasted me 12 years! Have needed to use tampons this month and I can’t wait for my new mooncup to arrive.
At the end of a period of during lighter flow it’s much better than a semi-dry tampon and during heavier times its amazing. So much better than anything else I’ve ever tried and no need to double up!

Rachel – 03 January 2016

I am a transgender boy and periods are always a horrible time for me. I have really heavy periods and really bad cramps.
Since changing to the mooncup the cramps have mostly gone which has made getting on with life a lot easier. Pads aren’t required any more because the cup doesn’t leak as I thought they would do so I can wear my boxers comfortably.
The only thing that took more getting used to is the inserting and removing as I have to go near that area of my body – this is easy getting used to and with all of the other benefits is really not that hard to come to terms with.
The fact that it is so Eco-friendly and also cheap makes it a product that I would definitely recommend to anyone who suffers with periods – including transgender men

Lee – 03 January 2016

I brought the mooncup after a recommendation from a friend and wish I had done it sooner! The mooncup is comfortable- you can’t feel it when it is inside and holds much more than a tampon. It’s great, I don’t even feel like i’m on my period when using it. It took a couple of tries to use it properly but now I have no problems. It’s extremely reasonable price wise and super eco-friendly! One of my best purchases this year.

Ruby – 29 December 2015

On my first cycle with the Mooncup after using tampons for years and years – when I was on the Pill my periods were too light to justify using one, but as I sold them in a previous job I have told many people with periods to give them a go.Finally, having come off the Pill, it’s my turn, and I’m thrilled with the results; it’s so comfortable to wear and easy to use, with no leakage and no need for double protection. It does not alter the natural processes of the body or cause unwanted dryness, and it even seems like my cramps – which were lessened by the Pill – are minimised simply by wearing it.
As a keen swimmer I’m excited to give this a go in the pool, as I never felt that confident with tampons’ reliability. What a brilliant and ecologically sound invention, I’ll be using Mooncups for years to come and will continue to recommend them to friends and family.

Bette – 25 December 2015

I’d been meaning to try one for ages but never actually got one until a friend told me about it. Since having a baby my period has become very heavy, and I’ve been finding both pads and tampons annoying, uncomfortable, messy, a hassle. This is the best solution ever – it took some getting used to (ie, the first two or three times dealing with it, cutting down the stem etc) but is now beyond brilliant. Convenient, very(!) comfortable, worry free, “roundup” free, and I’m now enjoying pristine sheets and underwear during my period which is a massive novelty and feels pretty great! In a logical world this should make all other sanitary products obsolete.

Julia – 24 December 2015

I bought my moon cup over 3 years ago. I had heard of it but never really wanted to spend £20 on it. I really wish I was made to use this when I was younger. I truly believe that tampons made my periods worse and they are so bad for the environment. I will never ever use a tampon again ever!!!!!! I have washable pads for when I am sleeping which go in the washing machine and my moon cup. I have taken it abroad with me, its been running with me its been swimming with me, to parties and nights out with me and it has never let me down. I love it. I lost it once about a year ago and I was so upset my husband went out and got me another one 🙂 bless, if I had had daughters I would make sure they used these. I would love to be able to set up a charity so that women in third world impoverished contries have these, I cant imagine what they go through every month without proper sanitary conditions. I will work that out and hopefully let you all know. I have converted nearly every woman I know, and they are all raving about it. I have lighter less painful periods and my skin is even clearer after using it where as that time I would break out. I have less bloating and my cycle is shorter. Amazing!!! buy one today, dont wait just do it, you wont regret it 🙂

**** – 23 December 2015

i bought my moon cup back in march this year as i was going to be on exchange in japan for a year where they are a pad based society ( :/ ) and thought id give it a try and i finally got my chance to use it today (December i have a unpredictable period and am on the implanon) and I’m was amazed at how easy it was to insert and how i didn’t even notice it was in after 5 minutes this is fantastic a great price and eco friendly I’m completely sold ill definitely be telling my girl friends ^_^

Brittiney – 19 December 2015

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