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I decided to try the Mooncup after getting a job working at a summer camp in America. I needed to save precious room in my bags, I needed to limit the amount of waste/rubbish I would produce, and I needed something I could do sports and swim with. I cannot express how happy I am to have found Mooncup! It doesn’t take up any room in my bag, it’s re-usable, and I feel so fresh and comfortable doing my sports or swimming with it in. My camp was pretty rural and using the Mooncup saved me from making long trips to the supermarket for more feminine products. I will admit it’s a little tricky to get in/out at first but you have to persevere because once you start using this you will never go back to pads or tampons, and the benefits are so worth it. I’ve recommended this to so many people since I started using it.
Thank you Mooncup!

em – 21 September 2015

I am very happy with my switch to mooncup! I went vegan around 7 months ago and since I have been looking to be more Enviromentally friendly. I took a trip to boots to pick up tampons and left with just a mooncup after being so impressed with the info on the box. Practised inserting before my period and was surprised with how easy it was, I have since had to trim off the stem entirely for a comfy fit but it is still super easy to insert and take out. I cannot think of one negative thing to say it’s amazing and have already converted some of my friends to use mooncup! Thank you!

Lucy – 07 September 2015

What a revelation mooncups are! I’d delayed going eco as I couldn’t face washing blood covered pads, but after using washable nappys for my baby I had to take the plunge, instead finding mooncups. They are such a logical solution and, once you are used to them, are much better than either pads or tampons. How did I not know they existed before?!?I was initially scared of using the mooncup, even having panic attacks when I first tried it with a shortened stem due to fears about getting it out! If you are worried I recommend pushing it out with just your vaginal muscles before cutting the stem to discover how ridiculously easy it is to get out. Also they are actually simple to use even in public toilets with the bonus that you need to empty them less anyway.
I did have initial leek issues (albeit less than I had with pads/tampons) and really didn’t believe that it could work at night, but it was definitely worth persevering to determine the right position for me to be both leek free and comfortable 24/7. After childbirth my period became erratic but mooncups are perfect whatever my body is up to. Sometimes I have to empty it after just a few hours (which is still a lot longer than the alternatives lasted as mooncups hold more), but otherwise go 8hours only changing it to follow the recommendation. My only concern now is forgetting I’m using it.
I tried Mooncups for environmental reasons, but am amazed how much more convenient, comfortable and cheaper they are compared to any alternative. Try it!

Caroline – 07 September 2015

I have been using mooncup for while now. I recently went on holiday without it and had to go back to using conventional products while I was away. Using them again reminded me how amazing the mooncup is and prompted me to write this. I live a very active life and have taken part in many activities whilst using mooncup. Such as running, swimming, climbing, surfing, bike riding, horse riding… you can not tell it is there and I have 100% confdence, infact I forget it is there. Its cheeper and easy and comfortable for any day heavy/light. The only shame is that more women do not know what they are missing! BUY ONE

alice – 30 August 2015

I’ve been using Mooncup since I first heard about them, about 10 years ago in my mid-20s. Only now am I buying my second one (they do last for a long long time if taken care of properly!). Now in my mid-30s, I feel I need to go for the larger size. When I think about how many disposal sanitary products I would have gone through in that time, the mind boggles… anybody who cares for the environment should consider going for a Mooncup 🙂 They are easy to use, comfortable, and with experience, non-messy. Sometimes I do still use the odd pad, but only on the first day of a particularly heavy flow when I’m at work, just for extra protection. Other than that, it’s Mooncup all the way. Cannot recommend it enough!

Charley – 29 August 2015

After 5 years of using the moon cup, it has changed my life.Took a few days to get the hang of it, but persevere, this little thing has completely changed my life.

Sally – 27 August 2015

I don’t normally review stuff, but thought i would to say how glad I am I bought a mooncup! (after previously reading testimonials and thinking ‘it can’t possibly be that amazing’) I first thought £20 was a bit expensive but then realised I would spend the same on tampons & pads in a few months. I hated changing tampons at work with the awkward ‘smuggling’ of tampon to trouser pocket before going off to the toilet lol! I thought I had a heavy period but I can last an 8 hour work day without changing mooncup so no toilet trips! ‘Practised’ before my period and luckily got the hang of it straight away 🙂 its brill for light days & avoiding removing dry tampons (eeeww)& no more tampons from me floating around the ocean somewhere!. so yeah my long rambling point is- buy one! 🙂

Jayjay – 22 August 2015

When I first decided to try Mooncup, I admit I was somewhat skeptical. Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I’ve been going through some health issues that cause me to have my period for months at a time non-stop. Mooncup has made this time a bit more bearable. instead of feeling gross and disgusting all the time (like I did with pads), I feel clean and better able to manage this. Now while I await answers from my doctors, I can at least wear sexy underwear and go swimming and feel like a normal person.
Thank you to the makes of Mooncup! You have changed my life for the better!

Delsie – 19 August 2015

After a tricky start I found the knack and haven’t looked back. i imagined I’d probably use the mooncup when working from home but stick to Tampons when out and about but by my third period I was sticking to the mooncup because its so much easier. Ive given the tampons away and just wish I’d discovered this years ago.

Emma – 18 August 2015

I’ve had a mooncup for a while now, and I just think absolutely everyone should have one! It took me a while to start using it regularly – it can be a bit tricky at first to get the hang of insertion & removal, but don’t let that put you off because once you get the hang of it it is super easy. It is just so obviously better for the environment. Why should we as women commit to producing huge piles of horrible sanitary waste over our fertile lives? It’s ridiculous 🙂 Moon cups are much neater. And less gross, really. And it means you don’t have to get to the first day of your period and realise you have to go ASAP to buy some tampons/sanitary towels.
If you’re borderline on whether you want one or not, you might as well give it a go cos it’s not an all or nothing thing. Go mooncup!

Katy – 15 August 2015

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