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First cycle.The first day was hard. So the second day i decided to use a pad. CRAMPS! Because pads obsorb liquid, and not so much “goo” i find that im constantly trying to “hold it in,” thus the cramps. (I’ve always suffered from cramps.) So the rest of the first week was hard, but i was cramp-FREE!

4th cycle with mooncup.
2nd day (a heavy flow and cramp filled day in the past)…
The kids went to sleep early. I was “excited.” Husband was “excited.” And JUST before you know what… i laughed so hard that i cried! I FORGOT THAT I WAS ON MY PERIOD!!!!

Being a stay at home mom, using a mooncup and a Hand held Bidet, i actually have HAPPY PERIODS now!

Jazmin – 12 August 2015

I thought I’d give the Mooncup a try when a friend recommended it. She’d been travelling for 6 months and I was heading out for a year. I’d also given the contraceptive implant a go as remembering to take pills let alone at the same time each day just seemed impossible! I wasn’t one of the lucky ones whos periods stopped completely but not having to worry about contraception was a massive bonus! So back to the mooncup, I LOVE it. I bought it in plenty of time so I could “practice” and get used to it as initially the whole idea freaked me out. There was no need for practice, it’s been perfect from the first go! I’m a very active person, I stand up all day at work, horse ride most days let alone all the things we’d planned for our travels! Periods are irritating at the best of times but I’m no longer even thinking about how i’ll deal with them abroad! 100% recommend this product!!! Give it a go, it’s not as weird as it sounds at all!

Holly – 11 August 2015

This is the first period that I used Mooncup and my life has already been changed! I wish that I tried it earlier, but at the same time I’m also happy that I still have years to come with it. I now want to convert everyone I know to start using it.

Paulina – 07 August 2015

I used the Mooncup today for the first time and I am super happy! I hava trouble figuring out if I needed to cut the stem but I’m sure I will find it out within a few hours of wearing it.
I heard about the Mooncup a while ago but didn’t know where to get it from (I live in Germany and had heard about it from Swedish friends). I knew I would find one in the UK, so I kept my eyes open and found it at Boots – so easy! I hope it will soon be sold at major retailers similar to Boots around Europe soon!

I found the user guide very clear and friendly. I felt confortable right away (unlike the memories I have of trying to understand how to insert tampons for the first time years ago!)

I don’t have irregular or heavy periods but I am very upset picturing all these tampons floating around in the ocean. So I’m telling everyone about this now. Thank you for providing practical solutions and changing people’s minds about periods being a taboo!

Lou – 05 August 2015

THANK YOU MOON CUP!I am on my second period using the mooncup and it has been nothing but a dream. This little invention is a god send!
After seeing it advertised all around Glastonbury Festival for 3 years, this year I decided to bite the bullet and find out what it was all about and gave it a Google when I got home. And I’m so glad I did.
I was nervous at first as to what to expect but I went for it and bought one from my local Boots (along with sterilising tablets as suggested for in between periods).
When I first got it out of the box my initial thought was ‘OMG IT’S HUGE’ but don’t let that put you off. It’s soft and flexible and oh so comfortable. Much more than tampons.
I first tried it when I knew I would be at home all day, just incase. It took a couple of inserts and walking about to realise how much I needed to trim the stem. In fact, I had to cut it off completely. And removing it is pretty easy once you get the hang of it (I find a little push as you’re getting a grip on the end helps) and it’s not messy.
Since I have worn it swimming, to the gym, at work and not had a worry. You forget you even have it in.
Night time is bliss with it in and I’ve barely noticed any cramps.
This is the best buy I’ve made in a long time and would highly recommend it for women of all ages. I’ve been raving about it to all my friends. There’s no better feeling than not being restricted by your period.
Go for it, get one!
What do you have to lose?

Justine – 04 August 2015

I used Moon cup for the first time last week. I am hooked. I am 36 years old and I have terrible heavy periods. I changed pads every 45 minutes. Mooncup has changed my life. The fact I can leave the house and not worry about leaking has given me so much confidence to leave the house. Normally the first three days of periods I stay home as my periods are so heavy. But with mooncup I forget that I am on my period. I have had no leakage and it was easy to insert. Had some trouble removing it, but worked out the best way to remove it. I recommend this product to everyone. Best thing I have spent money on. Also able to sleep through night more comfortably. I wish I had heard about this product in my teens!!!!

Sam – 03 August 2015

This is the best £20 purchase I have EVER made. I saw stickers for the mooncup at my Uni before but never gave it much thought. It was Freelee the Banana Girl and several other vegan youtubers who brought my attention to it a year or two later. Around this time I had just stopped taking the mini pill (which had stopped my periods completely for about 1.5 years) and was dreading my first period since they were always so irregular, lasted about 5-6 days and would go from being very light to very heavy randomly. I hated pads with a passion (they were itchy, smelly, gave me a rash and always leaked) and tampons were a little better but very uncomfortable on my light days (which were unpredictable) and never enough for my heavy days. Anyway, for my first real period I used tampons. Horrible experience. They dried me out, I had to change every 2-3 hours and I had such bad period cramps I was bed bound on my second or third day.After doing extensive research into the Mooncup I got mine off amazon. I was due for a weekend in the countryside at my friends house and packed it with me. I came on that night and had to borrow some tampons off my friend (forgetting I had my Mooncup) and it leaked and ruined a really nice pair of underwear! 🙁 (luckily not the guest bed). The next day I tried the Mooncup after a shower, quite apprehensive as it looked enormous. I didn’t cut the stem because I had no scissors- luckily I didn’t need to, it was the perfect length for me. Luckily I had watched loads of different tutorials, i ran it under a hot tap for a couple of minutes and put it in, which was surprisingly easy! Just took some getting used to the feeling of the initial insertion (try to relax your muscles and breathe slowly, ideally standing up with one leg up on the toilet seat/ bathtub and leaning back slightly) and feeling it opening up inside you.
We spent the next day at the beach and I was paranoid about leaking the first hour, but after that I didn’t even remember I was on my period – it was that comfortable. At the end of the day I took it out, was pleasantly surprised to see that I didn’t leak all day and it was really not a messy process. The cup holds a lot and it’s very sturdy so the liquid doesn’t splash everywhere when you take it out! It was quite strange seeing your period in a cup but also fascinating to see how much you bleed and the consistency of it. I also didn’t clot at all which has never happened before. I didn’t have any period pains and was certainly not bed bound, it was a very packed country weekend!
I’ll still need to practice taking it out slowly but apart from that it’s been a pretty easy learning curve. I haven’t taken it out in a public bathroom yet. To be honest it holds so much, you could easily get away with only changing it in public once a day, maybe in a disabled toilet where a sink is nearby.
If you are hesitating, don’t! It might take a few tries and cutting the stem to get it right, but it’s so worth it considering the amount of money women spend on pads and tampons, the discomfort of those sanitary products and the environmental impact they have.
I’m going to tell every girl I know about this – wish there was more advertising at school and uni and at every store that stocks feminine products! I will NEVER go back to tampons, probably won’t even need panty liners as I haven’t leaked once with the Mooncup.
I’m actually looking forward to my next period now as its not a painful ordeal anymore.
Thank you so much for inventing this, it has totally changed my life. X

Georgie – 02 August 2015

I’m 19 and I’m so so glad I found out about mooncup! I suffer from pcos and have always found pads unable to cope with how heavy my period can get, which left me with tampons. However, since my cycle always fluctuates unpredictably from light to ridiculously heavy, it’s always hard to guess which strength tampon to use, which the results either being uncomfortable dryness or embarrassing accidents…many a comfortable pairs of pants were lost this way. But! Mooncup is amazing for this! I can’t even express how amazing it is to be able to insert the mooncup and just not have to worry what my flow decides to do that day, it honestly feels like I can get on with my life. Not only that, but it really is extremely good for travel. I have a year abroad next year in a country where tampons haven’t really caught on and I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do until now. In terms of insertion, I struggled a bit at the beginning; I think it was because I wanted it to work so badly that I stressed out and couldn’t insert it properly. It felt a little bit like all the amazing testimonials here were part of a massive joke that I wasn’t in on, but then I slept on it and tried again the next day and lo and behold, I figured it out! If you’re struggling, I suggest trying the second folding method as it makes the shape slightly more similar to a tampon, which you might already have experience in inserting. But whatever happens, don’t give up on it, because using a mooncup will definitely change your life for the better (and that’s not even an exaggeration!)

Izzy – 22 July 2015

I admit I was unsure about the mooncup at first, I liked the idea of being more environmentally friendly but worried about how practical it would be in real life. Now I’m totally a convert, wish I’d swapped sooner! Been using my mooncup about 6months now and love it, really easy to use and never had any leaks unlike with tampons. I have really heavy periods and used to need to change tampons regularly (1-2hrs!) which was difficult at work, don’t have that problem any longer because the mooncup is definitely up to the job which takes away a lot of stress. I was nervous about emptying it in public toilets but you really only need a small amount of water to rinse it out and a little bottle of water takes up less room in my bag than a massive pie of tampons! I would recommend it to any woman, it really is amazing 🙂

Becca – 21 July 2015

I heard about the moon cup and thought it was a horrible idea .. But as I was allergic to all my sanitary products I was willing to try anything .. And I’ll never go back! It’s so easy to use and you can’t feel a thing! I highly recommend this product it’s more Eco friendly and person friendly !! Moon cups will most definitely be the next best thing 🙂 it sounds expensive at first but when your spending approx 4 pound each time on a box of tampons it costs next to nothing! Can re use over and over.. You most definitely need to buy one

Chloe – 18 July 2015

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