Can I use the MCUK if I just started having periods?

The simple answer is: yes, you can.

The size B MCUK (smallest) is technically designed for young people to use, even when they first start their periods. Many young people are now using menstrual cups.

Only you can decide whether you feel ready to use a menstrual cup.

If you, your parents, or your cultural community have strong feelings about the hymen, you should not use the MCUK at this stage in your life (you can read more about the MCUK and the hymen here).

If you have recently started menstruating and are thinking about using the MCUK we suggest that you:

More questions?

We set up our Advice Service to help answer any questions at all about the MCUK. For professional advice on a whole range of new user questions, including MCUK positioning and removal , explore our other FAQs or contact the lovely nurses in our Advice Service.

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