Can I use a menstrual cup when I have a yeast infection?

We do not advise that you use your MCUK menstrual cup during a yeast (Candida) infection, or while you’re being treated. You can start to use your MCUK again once all treatment is completed and you are clear of symptoms.

Before you use your menstrual cup again, make sure you thoroughly clean it by soaking it in sterilizing solution. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for dilution, and soak for the minimum recommended time, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

It is important to always ensure that the MCUK is free from any cleaning product or soap residue before you insert it, as traces of these left on the cup may trigger an imbalance of the vaginal flora or change the Ph level of your vagina.

Rinse your MCUK thoroughly under water after cleaning, and if you need to use soap, use simple, non-perfumed soaps.

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