Can the MCUK cause a yeast infection (Candida)?

No, the MCUK menstrual cup will not give you a yeast infection, thrush, or Candida.

We often hear from MCUK users who previously suffered with yeast infections and Candida troubles when they used tampons. This may be because tampons not only absorb menstrual fluid but the protective secretions that may prevent yeast infections and other infections, too. These secretions help to maintain the correct Ph balance of the vagina.

The MCUK will not interfere with these protective vaginal secretions, and it will not absorb them either, helping your vagina to stay healthy while you’re on your period.

It is important to rinse your cup with plenty of water if you use soap to clean it, as traces of these left on the Mooncup may trigger an imbalance of the vaginal flora or change the Ph level of your vagina.

If you already have a yeast infection, please read Can I use the MCUK when I have thrush (Candida, or a yeast infection)?

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