How do I remove my MCUK?

The MCUK menstrual cup needs to be taken out and emptied every 4-8 hours. First of all, wash your hands with warm water and soap and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

In order to remove your cup you must first release the seal.

Choose a position that’s comfortable for you such as sitting on the toilet or squatting. Gently squeeze the base of the cup or insert a finger alongside the menstrual cup to release the seal.

Keeping the seal released gently remove the cup. Angling the MCUK slightly sideways to remove half of the rim before angling it the other way to release the other half will help your cup to remain upright with the menstrual fluid contained inside.

If you’re still having problems removing your MCUK, please go to our troubleshooting FAQ ‘My MCUK is stuck – how do I get it out?

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