Is it safe to use the MCUK with an IUD or IUS (coil)?

We know that there are MCUK users who are happily using their menstrual cup alongside an IUD/IUS (coil).

However, there have been some instances where an IUD/IUS has become dislodged when using the devices together, possibly due to anatomical factors (e.g. a low cervix), usage issues (e.g. wearing the MCUK too high) or simply that the IUD/IUS has been naturally rejected by the body. One in twenty IUD/IUS will be expelled, most commonly, in the first 3 months after the device has been inserted. These expulsions happen most frequently during menstruation.

If you are thinking about using the menstrual cup alongside an IUD/IUS you may wish to discuss this with your doctor, nurse, or gynecologist first.

If you have decided to use both devices together then please consider the following information:

  • There should always be a space between the MCUK and the cervix. If you have a low sitting cervix there may not be enough room for your cup to sit safely and work effectively alongside your IUD/IUS. If you are uncertain where your cervix sits or you need further information please contact the Advice Team.
  • Place the MCUK low in the vagina and ensure you have an adequate seal (read more about MCUK positioning).
  • Always release the seal before removing your menstrual cup.
  • After each period, check you can still feel the IUD/IUS strings. If you cannot feel them or think that your IUD/IUS has moved or is causing/has caused you pain, use another form of contraception such as a condom until you have had your IUD/IUS checked by a doctor or medical professional.

If you’re still unsure, or would like more information about using the MCUK with an IUD/IUS, please email our Advice Service.

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