My menstrual cup is leaking – what do I do?

The most common reasons for leakage are:

  • wearing your MCUK menstrual cup too high in the vagina
  • not getting an adequate seal between your MCUK and your vagina wall
  • wearing the wrong size of MCUK

First, make sure that your menstrual cup is positioned as low as it will comfortably sit. There must be a gap between the rim of the MCUK and the cervix (for more on positioning, read Where do I position my MCUK?).

Next, to try to improve the seal, you can

  • tense around your menstrual cup with your vaginal muscles a few times
  • run your finger along the rim of the cup when inserted, checking that it’s fully open
  • twist your menstrual cup a few times
  • experiment with different folding methods

If you’ve tried these suggestions and are still getting leakage, please contact us and we will help you find a solution.

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