Why haven’t I heard of the MCUK?

We’re a small, ethical business manufacturing a product that’s a one-off purchase, so advertising (certainly on the saturating scale of most disposable sanitary product campaigns) tends to be prohibitively expensive for us.  Getting the word out often has to be a pretty creative undertaking for us.

Still, the Mooncup (and MCUK) enjoys strong international sales through distributors and our website, and is available across the UK in Boots stores and good independent health food stores, as well as our own website.

Mooncup advertising

Since 2010, we’ve been working with St Luke’s advertising agency to put together provocative campaigns which get people thinking and talking about menstruation – one of the last taboos. (Find out more about our work with St Luke’s here).

Mooncup in schools

We also work with many school nurses in the UK to raise awareness of the Mooncup menstrual cup as an option for schoolgirls. In the UK, a recent Family Planning Association pamphlet handed out in state school ‘period talks’ mentioned menstrual cups as an option, so our work is filtering through…slowly but surely.

Mooncup in the press and word-of-mouth recommendations

Editorial coverage online as well as in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV have all been really powerful for Mooncup and MCUK. It’s always great to have face to face conversations with people about our products too – at medical conferences, schools, health shows and festivals. And of course, the best promotion of all has always been word-of-mouth recommendations from blogs to conversation between friends – we send out leaflets and stickers to users who want them to help tell others about our menstrual cups.

Mooncup on social media

The Mooncup Facebook page and @mooncupltd on Twitter are great for getting involved with any plans we’re hatching.

To find out more about how you can tell the world about Mooncup and MCUK (including how to get stickers and leaflets), head to Spread the word

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